Sarah & Gareth’s Medieval Wedding

Sometimes you just know the moment you meet a couple that their wedding is going to be amazing.  Gareth and Sarah were planning something different, something a little special.  “It’s a Medieval Themed Wedding” they were telling me….”Everyone will be dressed in costume, there will be an eagle, a magician and we are going to a lot of effort at the reception venue”.  Obviously I was really looking forward to shooting this wedding.  But that’s not why I knew it was going to be amazing.  You see each time we met I couldn’t help but notice Gareth’s little looks at Sarah, the endearing touches and little squeezes.  Throw in some swords and the odd fox skin for a recipe of awesomeness!

Sarah & Gareth-1 Sarah & Gareth-2 Sarah & Gareth-3 Sarah & Gareth-4 Sarah & Gareth-5 Sarah & Gareth-5-2 Sarah & Gareth-6 Sarah & Gareth-7 Sarah & Gareth-8 Sarah & Gareth-9 Sarah & Gareth-10 Sarah & Gareth-11 Sarah & Gareth-13 Sarah & Gareth-14 Sarah & Gareth-15 Sarah & Gareth-16 Sarah & Gareth-17 Sarah & Gareth-18 Sarah & Gareth-18-2 Sarah & Gareth-19 Sarah & Gareth-20 Sarah & Gareth-22 Sarah & Gareth-23 Sarah & Gareth-24 Sarah & Gareth-25 Sarah & Gareth-26 Sarah & Gareth-27 Sarah & Gareth-28 Sarah & Gareth-29 Sarah & Gareth-30 Sarah & Gareth-31 Sarah & Gareth-32 Sarah & Gareth-33 Sarah & Gareth-34 Sarah & Gareth-35 Sarah & Gareth-36 Sarah & Gareth-37 Sarah & Gareth-38 Sarah & Gareth-40 Sarah & Gareth-41 Sarah & Gareth-42 Sarah & Gareth-43 Sarah & Gareth-44 Sarah & Gareth-45 Sarah & Gareth-46 Sarah & Gareth-48 Sarah & Gareth-49 Sarah & Gareth-50 Sarah & Gareth-51 Sarah & Gareth-52 Sarah & Gareth-53 Sarah & Gareth-54 Sarah & Gareth-55 Sarah & Gareth-56 Sarah & Gareth-57 Sarah & Gareth-58 Sarah & Gareth-59 Sarah & Gareth-60 Sarah & Gareth-61 Sarah & Gareth-62 Sarah & Gareth-63 Sarah & Gareth-64 Sarah & Gareth-65 Sarah & Gareth-66 Sarah & Gareth-67 Sarah & Gareth-68 Sarah & Gareth-69 Sarah & Gareth-70 Sarah & Gareth-71 Sarah & Gareth-72 Sarah & Gareth-73 Sarah & Gareth-74 Sarah & Gareth-75 Sarah & Gareth-76 Sarah & Gareth-77 Sarah & Gareth-78 Sarah & Gareth-79 Sarah & Gareth-80 Sarah & Gareth-81 Sarah & Gareth-82 Sarah & Gareth-83 Sarah & Gareth-84 Sarah & Gareth-85 Sarah & Gareth-86 Sarah & Gareth-87 Sarah & Gareth-88 Sarah & Gareth-89 Sarah & Gareth-90 Sarah & Gareth-91 Sarah & Gareth-92 Sarah & Gareth-93 Sarah & Gareth-94 Sarah & Gareth-95 Sarah & Gareth-96 Sarah & Gareth-97 Sarah & Gareth-97-2 Sarah & Gareth-98 Sarah & Gareth-99 Sarah & Gareth-100 Sarah & Gareth-101 Sarah & Gareth-102 Sarah & Gareth-103 Sarah & Gareth-104 Sarah & Gareth-105 Sarah & Gareth-106 Sarah & Gareth-107 Sarah & Gareth-108 Sarah & Gareth-110 Sarah & Gareth-111 Sarah & Gareth-112 Sarah & Gareth-114 Sarah & Gareth-115 Sarah & Gareth-116 Sarah & Gareth-117 Sarah & Gareth-118 Sarah & Gareth-119 Sarah & Gareth-120 Sarah & Gareth-121 Sarah & Gareth-122 Sarah & Gareth-123 Sarah & Gareth-124 Sarah & Gareth-125 Sarah & Gareth-126 Sarah & Gareth-127 Sarah & Gareth-128 Sarah & Gareth-129 Sarah & Gareth-130 Sarah & Gareth-131 Sarah & Gareth-132 Sarah & Gareth-133

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  1. Sarah and Gareth Eden

    Posted on July 30, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    We just want to say a huge thank you to Brad and Andrew for capturing the excitement of our wedding! The guests haven’t stopped talking about your work, how you were always there to capture every moment but never feeling intrusive. Brad, you were so accommodating, even when asked to dress up as a monk! You really took the time to understand our needs and no request was too hard. Some of your pictures make us laugh, some make us wonder what people were thinking 🙂 They are all spectacular. We feel very privileged to have worked with you. And we would definitely not hesitate to work with you again for our future events, no more weddings though…lol. Our pictures show us and everyone around us being so happy! Thank you once again for being amazing!

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