Sarah & Anthony – Caloundra Wedding Photography

Sarah and Anthony have the coolest story……They have a connection that can be traced back to when they were five years old.  It all began when they both lived in a quaint English village in Clee St Margaret, whereas children they had played together. In 1997, on a quest for sunshine, Sarah’s parents made the decision to move the family to Brisbane. As it turns out Sarah actually went to the same high school as yours truly! Not at the same time though, I’m way too old…. Sarah’s family would return to the UK for their annual holidays to visit friends and family.  In 2002, during one of their holidays, Sarah and Anthony shared their first kiss but only for Sarah to return home to finish her schooling. ForAnthony, the kiss had made an impact and inspired him to follow Sarah to Brisbane.  In return, the next year, Sarah travelled to the UK to spend more time with Anthony.  Their love for each other knew no bounds and they haven’t parted since.

The rest as they say is history…..See it for yourself in the below wedding photos.

Caloundra Wedding Photography-1Caloundra Wedding Photography-2-2Caloundra Wedding Photography-3Caloundra Wedding Photography-4Caloundra Wedding Photography-5Caloundra Wedding Photography-6Caloundra Wedding Photography-7Caloundra Wedding Photography-8Caloundra Wedding Photography-9Caloundra Wedding Photography-10Caloundra Wedding Photography-11Caloundra Wedding Photography-12Caloundra Wedding Photography-13Caloundra Wedding Photography-14Caloundra Wedding Photography-15Caloundra Wedding Photography-16Caloundra Wedding Photography-17Caloundra Wedding Photography-18Caloundra Wedding Photography-19Caloundra Wedding Photography-20Caloundra Wedding Photography-21Caloundra Wedding Photography-22Caloundra Wedding Photography-23Caloundra Wedding Photography-24Caloundra Wedding Photography-25Caloundra Wedding Photography-26Caloundra Wedding Photography-28Caloundra Wedding Photography-29Caloundra Wedding Photography-30Caloundra Wedding Photography-31Caloundra Wedding Photography-32Caloundra Wedding Photography-33Caloundra Wedding Photography-34Caloundra Wedding Photography-35Caloundra Wedding Photography-36Caloundra Wedding Photography-38Caloundra Wedding Photography-39Caloundra Wedding Photography-40Caloundra Wedding Photography-41Caloundra Wedding Photography-42Caloundra Wedding Photography-43Caloundra Wedding Photography-44Caloundra Wedding Photography-45Caloundra Wedding Photography-46Caloundra Wedding Photography-47Caloundra Wedding Photography-48Caloundra Wedding Photography-49Caloundra Wedding Photography-50Caloundra Wedding Photography-51Caloundra Wedding Photography-52Caloundra Wedding Photography-53Caloundra Wedding Photography-54Caloundra Wedding Photography-55Caloundra Wedding Photography-56Caloundra Wedding Photography-57Caloundra Wedding Photography-58Caloundra Wedding Photography-59Caloundra Wedding Photography-60Caloundra Wedding Photography-61Caloundra Wedding Photography-62Caloundra Wedding Photography-63Caloundra Wedding Photography-64Caloundra Wedding Photography-65Caloundra Wedding Photography-66Caloundra Wedding Photography-67Caloundra Wedding Photography-68Caloundra Wedding Photography-69Caloundra Wedding Photography-70Caloundra Wedding Photography-72Caloundra Wedding Photography-73Caloundra Wedding Photography-74Caloundra Wedding Photography-75Caloundra Wedding Photography-76Caloundra Wedding Photography-77Caloundra Wedding Photography-78Caloundra Wedding Photography-79Caloundra Wedding Photography-80Caloundra Wedding Photography-81Caloundra Wedding Photography-82Caloundra Wedding Photography-83Caloundra Wedding Photography-84Caloundra Wedding Photography-85Caloundra Wedding Photography-86Caloundra Wedding Photography-87Caloundra Wedding Photography-88Caloundra Wedding Photography-89Caloundra Wedding Photography-90Caloundra Wedding Photography-91Caloundra Wedding Photography-92Caloundra Wedding Photography-93Caloundra Wedding Photography-94Caloundra Wedding Photography-98Caloundra Wedding Photography-99Caloundra Wedding Photography-100

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