Samantha & Adam’s Wedding – Virginia

There was something special about shooting Samantha and Adam’s wedding.  At first I couldn’t put my finger on why…..

 It was the largest wedding party I have ever had to shoot with the bridal party formals being done pretty much in the dark at a factory…but that wasn’t why. 

The getting ready candids were so much fun, everyone so playful including a live snake in the lounge room glass coffee table…..but that wasn’t why.

Was it the ceremony and reception being at one of Brisbane’s newest wedding locations (JP’S)….nope.

Was it how sweet Adam’s nerves were when trying to get some shots of him prior to Samantha’s arrival…..getting closer….

Samantha and Adam are young and they have been together a while, which means they were very young when they first met!  They share something common; they are each others first real true love and they got married……that’s what’s special…..

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