Kellie & Brendan – Brisbane Engagement Photos

I really love shooting weddings because the natural sequence of the day aligns perfectly with my story telling photographic approach; allowing me to get great results capturing real moments with little need for ‘posing’.

When I’m asked to do an engagement shoot, I get a little anxious because it can seem a little staged just turning up to a park, a beach or an old building simply to take photos of 2 people in nice clothes…. just because, without the event, the story….. But, this shoot with Kellie and Brendan relieved that anxiety and made me realise something….the only thing I need to be real, is the love. The photos will take care of themselves.Brisbane Engagement Photography-1Brisbane Engagement Photography-2Brisbane Engsagement photography-1Brisbane Engagement Photography-3Brisbane Engagement Photography-4Brisbane Engagement Photography-5Brisbane Engagement Photography-6Brisbane Engsagement photography-2Brisbane Engagement Photography-8Brisbane Engagement Photography-9Brisbane Engagement Photography-10

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