Jane & Bruce’s Family Life

It’s pretty obvious, when I go to photograph a wedding, my purpose for being there. But when it comes to shooting a family session the purpose is not always so obvious. It’s one thing to be asked to take some family photos, and another to understand the motivation for the request.

About 5 mins in it was clear to me in that this shoot, for Jane and Bruce, was one of new beginnings symbolising something just that little bit rare. You see both Jane and Bruce have been married previously and both brought 2 young boys each when they met. During the shoot I remember thinking how well all the 4 boys got on while trying to work out whose kids were whose. I was simply amazed at the complete lack of favouritism both Jane and Bruce displayed to all 4 boys.

Family photos are genuine because of what the family represents. A million thanks to Jane and Bruce for asking me to step into their lives for one afternoon at a local Brisbane park and for the lessons I learnt.

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