Emma, Pat & Nickolas “Trash The Dress”

Emma and Pat got married 4 months ago and although they were happy with their photos they felt they were missing some.  They had no family portraits and lacked those “candid”, emotional shots that tell their story.  Emma was dying to get back into her dress one last time and thought a “Trash the Dress” shoot would provide her with those special moments captured that she was after.  When she told me what she was after I could feel my smile grow from ear to ear!  The only real challenge we had was choosing the right location…..in the end I reckon we got it spot on….

Trash-1 Trash-2 Trash-2-2 Trash-2-3 Trash-3 Trash-4 Trash-5 Trash-6 Trash-7 Trash-8 Trash-9 Trash-10 Trash-11 Trash-12 Trash-13 Trash-14 Trash-15 Trash-16 Trash-17 Trash-18 Trash-19 Trash-20 Trash-21 Trash-22 Trash-23 Trash-24 Trash-25 Trash-26 Trash-27 Trash-28 Trash-29 Trash-30 Trash-31 Trash-32 Trash-33 Trash-34 Trash-35 Trash-36 Trash-37 Trash-38 Trash-39 Trash-40 Trash-41 Trash-42 Trash-43 Trash-44 Trash-45 Trash-46 Trash-47 Trash-48 Trash-49 Trash-50 Trash-51 Trash-52 Trash-53 Trash-54 Trash-55 Trash-56 Trash-57 Trash-58 Trash-59 Trash-60 Trash-61 Trash-62 Trash-63

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