Christmas In The UK (& a couple of Birthday’s)

This post is for me really, but I am happy to share with you. You see with how busy I get doing weddings for others it’s easy to forget why I learnt photography in the first place! So I thought it was time I made the effort to create a blog post about all that is special to me… family.

This time, our trip to the UK was one of discovery for me. There really wasn’t a lot that I did for myself, it all pretty much revolved around the children. “Not much of a discovery”, I hear you say, “all your holidays are going to be like that for a while to come”, but you see, that’s not the discovery!

Sitting back and really watching the children was. Seeing them play, laugh, cuddle and be thoroughly spoilt by their English family, watching them live and experience this special time. That was all I needed for this holiday to be one of the most memorable I’ve had, and that, is a pretty cool discovery!

Oh, and a little bit of “Grandad’s” booze helped as well…..


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