Cassie & Matt – Brisbane Wedding

Cassie & Matt wrote their own vows……these were Matt’s….

From the day we met I knew you were something special, I remember going home that night and just couldn’t stop thinking about you. To this day I’m still thinking of you and no doubt for the rest of my life I will continue to do so. You’re perfect for me in every way, I love the fact that we can talk about anything and everything. Even when we first met we talked like we’ve known each other our whole lives. In everything I do and everything I say, I hope it’s enough to show you that my love is for real. There’s no where else I’d rather be than here, there’s no one else I’d rather be with than you, and I can say that whole heartedly. I thank you for the memories we’ve shared and the memories that are still yet to come. I thank you for introducing me to my best friend, your beautiful little girl who I will treat, care and love as if she’s my own for as long as I live. I promise to love you both with all my heart and nothing will ever change that. I love you for the person that you are.. I love your hair, your smile, your voice, EVERYTHING. You are my friend, you are my life and you are my one true love. Always and forever. No matter what!

Cassie and Matt-1Cassie and Matt-2Cassie and Matt-3Cassie and Matt-4Cassie and Matt-5Cassie and Matt-6Cassie and Matt-7Cassie and Matt-8test-3Cassie and Matt-10Cassie and Matt-11Cassie and Matt-12Cassie and Matt-13Cassie and Matt-14Cassie and Matt-15Cassie and Matt-17Cassie and Matt-18Cassie and Matt-19Cassie and Matt-20Cassie and Matt-21Cassie and Matt-22Cassie and Matt-23Cassie and Matt-24Cassie and Matt-26Cassie and Matt-27Cassie and Matt-28Cassie and Matt-29Cassie and Matt-30Cassie and Matt-31Cassie and Matt-32Cassie and Matt-33Cassie and Matt-34Cassie and Matt-35Cassie and Matt-36Cassie and Matt-37Cassie and Matt-38Cassie and Matt-39Cassie and Matt-40Cassie and Matt-99Cassie and Matt-42Cassie and Matt-43Cassie and Matt-44Cassie and Matt-45Cassie and Matt-46Cassie and Matt-47Cassie and Matt-48Cassie and Matt-49Cassie and Matt-50Cassie and Matt-51Cassie and Matt-52Cassie and Matt-53Cassie and Matt-54Cassie and Matt-55Cassie and Matt-56Cassie and Matt-58Cassie and Matt-59Cassie and Matt-60Cassie and Matt-61Cassie and Matt-62Cassie and Matt-63Cassie and Matt-64Cassie and Matt-65Cassie and Matt-66Cassie and Matt-67Cassie and Matt-68Cassie and Matt-69Cassie and Matt-70Cassie and Matt-71Cassie and Matt-72Cassie and Matt-73Cassie and Matt-74Cassie and Matt-75Cassie and Matt-76Cassie and Matt-77Cassie and Matt-78Cassie and Matt-79Cassie and Matt-80Cassie and Matt-81Cassie and Matt-82Cassie and Matt-83Cassie and Matt-84Cassie and Matt-85Cassie and Matt-86Cassie and Matt-87Cassie and Matt-88Cassie and Matt-89Cassie and Matt-90Cassie and Matt-92Cassie and Matt-91Cassie and Matt-93Cassie and Matt-94Cassie and Matt-95Cassie and Matt-96

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  1. Jared

    Posted on February 21, 2014 at 12:25 am

    I just wanted to say that these photos, are absolutely fantastic.
    The effort you have gone to, to get these beautiful moments is
    just incredible. Again I thank you for taking these beautiful photos
    of my sister, mum & dad, my brother in-law and everybody who was
    there for the wedding. Again.

    Thank you 🙂


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