Boudoir Photography – Jodie

As an event photographer, specialising in weddings, I sometimes get asked by people if I would take some family portraits or similar for them and to be honest, usually my first reaction is to run and hide.  If Jodie had come to me a year ago and asked if I could do a Boudoir shoot with her, my response would probably have been a flat out “NO” without a moments consideration.

But when I received this request, I took some time and really thought about it.  Over time my work has evolved and it occurred to me that some brides (or grooms) may come to me wanting some ‘private’ photos they can give their loved on their wedding day? My second thought was ‘do I need a challenge to help me grow as a photographer’?  So I took a deep breath and decided to take on this job.  The next challenge was deciding the best way to approach this shoot, a way to tell a story that was planned and staged as opposed to an actual event.  This is what I came up with:

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