About Me

“Your wedding day tells a big part of the story of your love, your passion. Choosing the person to capture those moments for you is incredibly important; finding someone who is as passionate about capturing the story of your day as you are about it makes sense. So, why me? What makes me so passionate about what I do? Here’s a little of my story that may help answer that question.


In 2007, while living in the UK, I experienced fatherhood for the first time. For a man it kind of creeps up on you. I mean, as a ‘bloke’ I never really fantasised about becoming a Dad, nor was I in a hurry to become one. But it did!

It might sound like a cliché, but boy does it change a guy! Suddenly I started to really care; care about others around me, care about my own health, care about the world I live in and most of all care about that little bundle of joy I helped create and bring into the world.

I had found emotion, and started looking at life from a completely different angle.

Over the next year I found myself attending 3 separate professional family photography sessions, each costing a small fortune! But I didn’t once question the importance of obtaining quality photos of the only thing that mattered to me – my family!

Fast Forward to 2009, we’re still living in the UK and now expecting baby #2. This is when I came up with a new plan; I decided to purchase a DSLR camera as opposed to spending another small fortune in London studios. I can do this and save us money! The order went in and the camera arrived although with all that was happening I didn’t do much more then charge it before the new arrival to the Townsend family soon joined us.

The arrival of #2 was a little unorthodox for this already father of one. Unorthodox in a way I would never have imagined, forget, or ever want to change! It seems #2 was a little anxious to join the family, so anxious we wouldn’t make it to the hospital on time! Therefore, yours truly soon stepped into a new role as sole midwife, and the tiny en-suite bathroom of our London flat became the delivery room! The paramedics arrived about 5 minutes after my beautiful daughter! And once my hands stopped shaking, I grabbed my freshly charged DSLR and took a shot of the event that had just unfolded before me.

That click of the shutter was the start of a passionate journey for me, the journey of capturing emotion.

Coming from an IT consulting background, I was able to come to terms with the technical side of my new passion very quickly. Within no time my images where as sharp as those obtained professionally after baby #1.

I always looked back on those professional photos and thought something was missing. They didn’t tell our story; they were staged and although very nice, they were not moving. It was this realisation that has given me the drive to capture things differently. The drive to move people with my photos, the drive to truly capture the moment.

The passion that I bring with me every time I press the shutter is owed entirely to the people that mean everything to me in the world…..my beautiful family.”